About Us

Who We Are

When taking on a project, we believe that we are the stewards of our client and provide representation for the project at all levels. The success of any project trusted into our care is our primary and personal concern. It is our mission to work with public agencies and private parties to promote, support, and implement a project that captures the vision of the client.


In order to adapt to our clients continuously changing needs, N Consulting is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to better serve them. From hiring new employees to developing further capabilities, we are focused on delivering the highest quality services to help your project or company reach the heights that you desire.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We set ourselves apart by taking an approach to fully comprehend the client’s needs, culture, and objectives, working as an extension of the client’s team. We have adopted and engrained this culture across every level of our firm. This culture creates a uniquely qualified environment where we foresee the project path forward, and act according to and on behalf of our client to deliver successful projects.

Our History

Ebbie Nakhjavani received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1983 and became licensed as a Professional Engineer in 1986. After working as a civil engineering project manager for 5 years he was recruited to work as project manager for Melvin Simon and Associates in Los Angeles. As Simon was growing rapidly in the late 80’s, Ebbie was appointed as Site Development Manager where he was responsible for all entitlements and site development for over 50 shopping centers and regional malls across the western United States. In his role, he discovered that the consulting firms in all disciplines, big or small, were providing the basic services but did not provide the true support and leadership that a developer requires. In 1990 when Simon centralized operations in Indianapolis, Ebbie started EKN Engineering, later N Consulting Engineers, to provide engineering services with emphasis on providing a true leadership role for his clients. The firm doubled its size every year for 5 years.
Today, N Consulting Engineers has retained clients over 25 years. NCE provides land acquisition, ministerial permit processing, and development consulting services, including quality assurance and control services to a large spectrum of local and national clients involving various land uses, sizes and levels of complexity throughout California and Nevada. Our team specializes in formulating effective solutions through innovative and attractive acquisition and financing options. Our streamlined multi-disciplinary services including engineering and land development and adaptable organizational infrastructure are well suited to a fast-paced project management.

We have been trusted by major national organizations around the country to manage, design and process and obtain all regulatory permits at Federal, State, and local levels for projects across California and Nevada. With more than 25 years of delivering successful projects to our clients, we understand our client’s needs, their demands, challenges and how to help them create success from their opportunities.
We believe that we are the stewards of our client in representing the project at all levels. The success of the project trusted into our care is our primary and personal concern. We work with all public agencies and with private parties to promote and implement a project that meets the requirements of the client.

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